ARE 100A: Intermediate Microeconomics
This course provides a technical introduction to microeconomics using calculus. Topics cover consumer theory, producer theory, and competitive market equilibrium. We analyze market outcomes, aggregate surplus, and heterogeneous impacts on different subgroups. We discuss policies to increase economic welfare as well as practical barriers to implementation, with examples drawn from agriculture, environment, labor, immigration, management, urban planning, and a number of other areas. The focus of this course is to develop and learn to apply a set of tools that can be used to analyze a broad variety of scenarios.
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ARE/ECN 215B: Macroeconomics of Development
This course addresses large-scale questions in development economics with a focus on non-experimental methods. We explore determinants of national wealth including geography, institutions, human capital, and misallocation. Course topics cover current research in economic geography, capital markets, land use, migration, urbanization, structural transformation, trade, and general equilibrium risk sharing. The content develops skills in general equilibrium modeling and non-experimental empirical methods including both reduced form and structural estimation.
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